Dragon Mine

It all started with David Martin's vision to deliver digital products that could change people's lives and make the world a better place. The idea was to create the ultimate, consumable digital product.

Skill Dragon is the vehicle that delivered the reality of the dream with the world's first head-to-head, real‐time, revenue sharing eSports game system, Challenge Dragon.

Making Visions Become Reality

About us

International Leadership
Top Corporate Team


Ken Brough
Chief Executive Officer

Guides the corporate structure and business with over 35 years of experience in the senior management of corporate America.

The Chief Technology Officer

Randy Prince
Chief Financial Officer

Has held positions with fiduciary responsibility within Fortune 500 companies and companies filing IPOs for over 30 years. Involved in structure, and implementation of both business and financial planning.

The Founder/Chief Visionary

David Martin
Chief Visionary Officer

Leads a group of some of the industry's top user experience specialists, digital artists and programmers to provide as much value as possible within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Founder/Chief Visionary

Dr. Anthony van Tonder
Global Director of Communications

Dr. Anthony has a PHD in People Development and is a Master Trainer. His approach of Shaping People for Significance’, focuses on helping people achieve their greatest potential.

The Support Director

Mariska van de Langenberg
Chief Compliance Officer

Over 25 years of international business management at board room level within Finance and Customer Service, business owner, 6+ years network marketing experience in which she has specialised in compliance within the industry.


Tony De Gouveia
Global Director of Marketing

Tony specialises in Executive Coaching & Leadership Development. Specialties: Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Leadership Development, Franchising, Lecturing AND doing all this by working the "4 Hour work week" principals!

The Support Director

Mary Jane Valerio
Global Support Manager

Brings over 15 years of experience as a Support Supervisor to the needs of Members around the world with a multi-lingual staff working in multiple time zones.

The African Story

With the falling rand, it became obvious that Bitcoin mining presented a very real avenue to help save and increase the value of people's money supply. It also became obvious that many cloud mining operations did not provide the security or stability needed. A real Bitcoin and Ethereum mining farm where anyone with a mining contract owns the hardware was the answer.

By using the least expensive power of any currently known mining operation in the world, in combination with superior construction, cooling and operations technology we’re able to provide some of the best value and security in the industry.

African Executive Leadership

Andrew Eaton

About Andrew Eaton

Andrew is an online home based business owner living in South Africa at the forefront of launching a new ground breaking platform that enables people to create cashflow and build wealth online using this platform.


About Conray

Conray has dedicated his life to self improvement, initially for himself, and as he developed and grew more confident, to others. Conray’s early career saw him as a qualified auctioneer, and wearing this hat he outshone as an instructor and trainer at the South Africa Auctioneering College.


About Coert

Coert is an experienced businessman and a successful investor. He is also a well-known speaker and international seminar presenter, and is frequently invited to conferences as a keynote speaker. More than 40,000 people attended his wealth coaching presentations in the last ten years.

The Asian Story

The Asian Dragon Mine chapter started in multiracial Malaysia. This is due to the Executive Leadership team positioned there. The very volatile economy across Asia has made the Asians to open their doors for alternatives to protect and multiply their currencies. This situation also forced many Asian governments to sanction block chain technology.

We are very confident that the Dragon Mine will not only help many Asians to maintain their lifestyles but also to elevate them to the next level.

Asian Executive Leadership


About Logan

Logan Vadivel is the Godfather, Founder & CEO of Legacy Group. Logan received a B.Eng. in Electrical & Electronic from University of Northumbria at Newcastle.

He is an experienced Entrepreneur and expert in Strategic Planning, Business Positioning & Network Expansion.

Logan has trained and mentored a core group of people, helping them to upgrade their livestyles and reach their greatest potential.


About Tahir

Tahir Hussain came from humble beginnings yet by age twenty-one he already had created a million dollar business. By the time he was twenty-seven Tahir has earned his first million.

Tahir believes in giving back and paying it forward, which is why he shares his success principles with others by being a life coach, motivational speaker, author and personal development trainer.