Dragon Mine FAQ for Miners

What does Extra Bonus GH/s mean?

Extra Bonus GH/s is Hash rate that you were not promised but that we are giving you as our special gift to you!

It's very important to understand that this additional Extra Bonus GH/s rate is not permanent. It is a gift that will be given to you for a day or a few days to help you profit even more than you were promised during that time!

The company is willing to spend extra money taken from a part of the profits that we make on other products, such as our Mobile eSports Games, in order to give you more.

It's important to understand that the Extra Bonus GH/s is in addition to the Bonus GH/s that we are already giving within any qualifying plan.

We pride ourselves on under promising and over delivering.

Will Extra Bonus GH/s be given each day?

No. It's a special unexpected Gift.

Like any unexpected Gift, some days the Extra Bonus GH/s will be 0 and some days there will suddenly be a generous amount distributed amongst all of the members!

How is the Extra Bonus GH/s distributed?

The Extra Bonus GH/s is distributed amongst all members and the amount of Extra Bonus GH/s that they receive depends on the size of their original product purchase.

In this way, we reward all of our members and the larger their product purchase, the more Extra Bonus GH/s they receive!

Like any unexpected Gift, some days the Extra Bonus GH/s will be 0 and some days there will suddenly be a generous amount distributed amongst all of the members!

Why is there a repurchase amount and how is it used?

The repurchase amount is one of the most critically important parts of the Dragon Mine.

Without it, your earnings would continue to go down over time because of the way that Bitcoin mining works: Difficulty increases as more Bitcoin miners come online around the world.

The concept of mining difficulty within the Bitcoin network is complex and we'll be creating a training guide with graphs and charts for those who are interested in all the nerdy details.

Remember that with the repurchase amount you are literally purchasing more hash rate for yourself.

A hash rate repurchase amount of 35% is enough to keep the amount of Bitcoin generated for you every week about the same as time goes on.

Higher amounts will continue to increase your mining speed so as time goes on you are winning the Bitcoin mining game by earning more and more.

Do you have automatic Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals?

Yes! Members report receiving their Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals in about 30 seconds.

May I change the Bitcoin address that I have on file at any time?

Absolutely. You may update your Bitcoin address as many times as you like.
Please note that a single Bitcoin address may receive an unlimited number of transactions so there is no need to change your Bitcoin address for every payment unless you wish to.

Also, note that your payment will always be sent to your latest Bitcoin address on file.

Why do I have a count down timer for 15 days from the date of my Dragon Mining contract purchase for my mining to start?

As with any real Bitcoin mining operation, your mining runs on equipment which is purchased for you at the time of your order.
It takes about 15 days for the equipment to be shipped and brought online.

This is the case with each Dragon Mining package that you purchase so it's a good idea to buy more packages in advance of when you want your additional Bitcoin mining to come online in order to give us time to purchase and install your new equipment for you!

In the future, may I for any reason request that my Bitcoin mining hardware that you are hosting is shipped to me?

Yes absolutely.